Sunrise on Maine’s Bold Coast

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Traveled to Maine’s Bold Coast, bordered by the Atlantic on the East and Canada to the North. This area of Maine is remote and features the most rugged landscape of any stretch along the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. It is also approximately 800 miles east of Miami, making this the first place to see sunrise each morning. We backpacked in to Cutler Coast Reserve to Fairy Head, a point on the Southeast corner […]


Mt. Vesuvius at Dawn

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Naples is a filthy, crime-ridden town. We were nearly mugged twice and ate dinner in a restaurant run by the mafia. Gun wielding couriers came in on motorbikes and dropped bundles of cash while we feasted on a delicious meal of octupus. We woke around 4:00 AM this morning to make the flight back to the United States from Naples and was treated to early morning surprise on the balcony. We stayed at the Hotel […]