I’m Leaving MillerCoors (and 10 Reasons Why You Should Still Want to Work There)

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After nearly 7 years, I am leaving MillerCoors. This¬†was not an easy decision. I wasn’t looking for a new gig. By every measure I had a prime opportunity¬†at MillerCoors. MillerCoors has afforded me tremendous professional and personal growth opportunities, but lightning has struck twice and I’m afforded an even more incredible opportunity (more on that in a future post). Now that I am a former employee, rather than focus on why I left I want […]


Brad Keselowski Burns Out on Carpet

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This tweet is a departure from the usual photo. I attended the 2013 MillerCoors Distributor Convention at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida. By good luck, I happened to be late to the kickoff and standing on the side of the conference room where Brad Keselowski made an entrance in the Miller Lite Blue Deuce (disclaimer: I am an employee of MillerCoors). I saw the car in the back of the room and thought […]