Avenue of the Giants

Avenue of the Giants

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The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic highway that winds through 31 miles of old growth forest. Lined with hundreds, if not thousands, of ancient coastal redwoods and offers travelers many opportunities to stop and hike through ancient redwood groves. Coastal redwoods (sequoia sempervirens) are the largest living things on this planet, growing up to 350′ high and 15′ in diameter, and are as old as 2,000 years. The average age for the redwoods […]

Smoky Mountain Rapids

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The Great Smoky Mountains Railroad line runs next to the Tuckasegee River in North Carolina, in the shadow of the Smoky Mountains. Around 15 miles up the line the train stops to allow riders an opportunity to explore. The area features a class 5 rapids with a kayak course and launching pads for kayaks and whitewater rafting.

Rock Island after Dusk

Blue Rock Island in Door County

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Dusk at Rock Island is spectacular. An hour before sunset, the water is magnificently filled with hues of gold, pink and blue. Just as the sun recedes over the western water, the color seems to drain from the water leaving it a glacial blue and turning the sky vibrant. It’s unlike any location I’ve ever visited. Rock Island itself is a magical. Dense forest, sheer rock faces falling into a deep blue lake, millions of rocks […]

Biltmore House at Sunset

The Biltmore House at Sunset

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This photo of the Biltmore House at Sunset was taken in mid-October around 15 minutes prior to sunset. The Biltmore House and surrounding estate was built by George Vanderbilt in 1895 and stands as the prime example of the gilded age in America’s industrial revolution. George Vanderbilt commissioned Richard Morris Hunt, a favorite architect of the Vanderbilt family, to design the home. The home features over 250 rooms including an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, […]

Sunrise on Maine’s Bold Coast

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Traveled to Maine’s Bold Coast, bordered by the Atlantic on the East and Canada to the North. This area of Maine is remote and features the most rugged landscape of any stretch along the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. It is also approximately 800 miles east of Miami, making this the first place to see sunrise each morning. We backpacked in to Cutler Coast Reserve to Fairy Head, a point on the Southeast corner […]

A Wintery Dream Lake

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We snowshoed to this point in Rocky Mountain National Park in late January. Gone were the bucolic settings of Summer that attract hordes of tourists, replaced by a harsh environment that tests it’s inhabitants and visitors. The trail up the mountain had been blazed, and other than one mishap that left me waist high in snow on the slope of a cliff the trek was efficiently made. Search and rescue crews were at work nearby […]