Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

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One of the most famous and influential architects of the 20th century, Frank Lloyd Wright ushered in the American organic architecture movement which sought to promote harmony between man and nature in design. Wright benefited from good timing as Chicago in the 1880’s was a city of rebirth. Recovering from the Great Fire of 1871, Chicago in the 1880’s was a booming, vibrant town. Wright landed a prestigious apprenticeship with Louis Sullivan, inventor of the skyscraper. […]


Autumn Colors in Millennium Park, Chicago

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After weeks of cloudy weekends, I headed out with the mighty squirrel hunter on a contemplative walk through Lincoln Park. I’m inspired by the turning leaves. Even knowing the scientific reasoning was the withdraw of green chlorophyll does nothing to reduce the magic. Autumn is the culmination of a year of birth and growth, and it’s as if God wants to paint a final masterful tapestry before settling in for the long, cold winter. We meandered through […]