Biltmore House at Sunset

The Biltmore House at Sunset

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This photo of the Biltmore House at Sunset was taken in mid-October around 15 minutes prior to sunset. The Biltmore House and surrounding estate was built by George Vanderbilt in 1895 and stands as the prime example of the gilded age in America’s industrial revolution. George Vanderbilt commissioned Richard Morris Hunt, a favorite architect of the Vanderbilt family, to design the home. The home features over 250 rooms including an indoor swimming pool, bowling alley, […]

Grist Mill in Babcock State Park

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The grist mill in Babcock State Park is one of West Virginia’s most scenic settings. At the advent of the 20th century West Virginia had over 500 such grist mills dotting the countryside.┬áThis mill is a recreation formed by combining the parts from three active mills in the state. The structure came from the Stoney Creek Grist Mill that was built in Pocahontas County in 1890. Babcock State Park was originally built as a Civilian […]

19th Century Appalachian Farmstead

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The old learning farmstead in the West Virginia mountains was nestled in a small mountain hole, the family cemetery set beyond on the hill, hay barn to the side. It’s not hard to imagine life in the 1830’s in this setting. Life would be harsh, with the surrounding woods bustling with bear and other dangerous animals, and hostile individuals with little law other than your own gun. At the same time, this setting must have […]

Sunrise on Maine’s Bold Coast

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Traveled to Maine’s Bold Coast, bordered by the Atlantic on the East and Canada to the North. This area of Maine is remote and features the most rugged landscape of any stretch along the Atlantic Ocean in the United States. It is also approximately 800 miles east of Miami, making this the first place to see sunrise each morning. We backpacked in to Cutler Coast Reserve to Fairy Head, a point on the Southeast corner […]

Brad Keselowski Burns Out on Carpet

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This tweet is a departure from the usual photo. I attended the 2013 MillerCoors Distributor Convention at the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Florida. By good luck, I happened to be late to the kickoff and standing on the side of the conference room where Brad Keselowski made an entrance in the Miller Lite Blue Deuce (disclaimer: I am an employee of MillerCoors). I saw the car in the back of the room and thought […]