Bold Coast, First Sunrise in the USA

Hiked into the Bold Coast of Maine, located on the border of Canada along the Atlantic ocean, the Easternmost spot in the United States. We were the first people to witness the first sunrise of Summer in the US in 2013.

Immersed in architectural mastery

Antonin Gaudi was an organic architect before the organic movement was created. His use of color, undulating patterns, ceramics and inspiration from nature is masterful. Most cathedrals are big, but few have the awe inspiring feeling as a walk through Sagrada Familia. The space is otherworldly and more impressive given the cavernous size of the cathedral.

Man’s first attempts at flight

This was a late addition, admittedly being added only near when it occurred. Near Florence, Italy is the old Etruscan mining town of Fiesole. Visitors can walk further up the hillside to a point that is approximately 2,000 feet above the Florence valley, and is the exact location where Leonardo di Vinci (and his guinea pig) first attempted flight with his flying machine between 1504-1508.

Carnegie Hall, “Practice Practice Practice”

Member of a youth symphony that competed and won the opportunity to perform at Carnegie Hall. We had practiced and nailed the recording, and performed one of our best concerts in the hall.