Florida Keys

Ocean off the Florida Keys
Ocean off the Florida Keys
Ocean off the Florida Keys

People are fascinated with the view of the ocean. In Key West people gather each night to watch the sun settle over the horizon. In one park in Marathon, a person plays music to coincide with sunset while people watch.

The ocean is both complex and simple. The sunset over the ocean creates a smooth transition of colors from the deepest blue of night to the purples, oranges, pinks and shades of faint yellow. The water at the golden hour takes on a life of its own, and for the briefest moment seems illuminated more than the darkness of the sky. This repeats each night, with the variation being in the hour of sunset, the clouds in the sky, and the chop of the waves.

Within the waves at midday, you can find the full spectrum of aqua, teal and navy blue reflecting the colors of the sky. The surface of the water hides a world teeming in variety just below its surface.

To people accustomed to mountains, streams, or cities the lack of perceived variation may seem boring in the same way that they perceive the Great Plains, but there is a beauty in the simple expansiveness of these places.

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