Avenue of the Giants

Avenue of the Giants

The Avenue of the Giants is a scenic highway that winds through 31 miles of old growth forest. Lined with hundreds, if not thousands, of ancient coastal redwoods and offers travelers many opportunities to stop and hike through ancient redwood groves. Coastal redwoods (sequoia sempervirens) are the largest living things on this planet, growing up to 350′ high and 15′ in diameter, and are as old as 2,000 years. The average age for the redwoods in the Avenue of the Giants area is 600 years, but there are several that are considerably older.

Until 1960 the Avenue of the Giants was part of US Route 101¬†when a bypass was created. It’s hard to imagine trucks lumbering through this road, where sequoia sempervirens often are at the immediate edge of the road. There are three locations where cars can drive through a giant redwood, a throwback to a time where the importance of these trees was not fully appreciated. The state of California and the US government have gone to great efforts since to ensure these treasures remain available for many generations to come.

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