Beach by the Redwoods

Redwoods Beach

I’ve never seen the sea so intimidating as at Redwoods beach. Not violent, but angry and threatening any who dared to enter its domain. Waves churning near offshore. Even the beach sand seemed a caution to those who would dare enter the water. This is not the soft sand of Southern California, but a harsh, dark rock that resisted breaking down to smaller pieces.

The lone surfer here walked up and down the coastline, as if debating whether to challenge the sea with his board. A fog carried over much of the area causing him to appear as if out of nowhere. I’m not sure he entered the water. He disappeared just as mysteriously. I’m not sure he was there at all.

Redwoods beach is part of Redwoods National Park. The visitor center sits a short distance from this scene, and is an entirely different world from the forests for which the park is known. Just a few miles inland, ancient and sacred redwoods grow peacefully in calm valleys, protected from the furious energy of the Pacific Ocean by a series of small mountains.

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