French Broad River

French Broad River

Posted on Posted in 2014

The French Broad River finds it’s headwaters near the village of Rosman, North Carolina in Transylvania County. It meanders 213 through the Appalachians, past Asheville and Hot Springs until it ultimately merges with the Holston River near Knoxville to form the Tennessee River.

One of two broad rivers in North Carolina, it served as an important passage for settlers in country to bring their livestock to coastal towns and ports. Hot Springs itself began as a drover town, and many other settlers built farmsteads near the clean and reliable source of water.

The French Broad River today is used primarily for recreation upstream and power generation down river. Kayaking, canoeing, and rafting can be foundĀ in North Carolina, while major TVA hydroelectric power plants are found in Tennessee.

This small spot on the French Broad River is just across from Hot Springs, NC and is on the Appalachian Trail. A picture can’t do justice for the amazing bubbling and flowing sound the water made.

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