Blue Ridge Parkway

Posted on Posted in 2014

Southern Virginia and northern North Carolina in the Blue Ridge mountains is a mixture of hardwood forests and dotted with carved out pastures. Through this runs the Blue Ridge Parkway. This is quite possibly the most beautiful stretch of road to be found anywhere.

Log cabin barns are still actively used to store tools and implements. When Verizon says they cover 97% of where people live…this is the other 3%.┬áSplit rail fences still dot the scenery, not yet replaced by their modern barbed brethren. Apple orchards and pumpkin patches span the road.

The Blue Ridge Parkway carves through these frequent scenes almost as a time machine, as if you were magically transported to a different time. It’s not hard to imagine people living this way 100 years ago without the road.

This photo was taken at one point on the Blue Ridge Parkway where it forms a horseshoe around a pasture.

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