A Wintery Dream Lake

We snowshoed to this point in Rocky Mountain National Park in late January. Gone were the bucolic settings of Summer that attract hordes of tourists, replaced by a harsh environment that tests it’s inhabitants and visitors.

The trail up the mountain had been blazed, and other than one mishap that left me waist high in snow on the slope of a cliff the trek was efficiently made. Search and rescue crews were at work nearby searching trails and crevasses while a rescue helicopter tried to locate a missing hiker, serving as a reminder of the unforgiving terrain and climate.

The bitterly cold wind at Dream Lake ripped down from the void between Hallett Peak and Flattop Mountain, roaring across the frozen ice, nearly pushing me over and causing each snowflake to hit my face with the force of a sandblaster. My hands froze immediately as I removed my gloves to operate my camera. Even my trusty Nikon started experiencing shutter issues at these extreme low temperatures.

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