Autumn Colors in Millennium Park, Chicago

After weeks of cloudy weekends, I headed out with the mighty squirrel hunter on a contemplative walk through Lincoln Park. I’m inspired by the turning leaves. Even knowing the scientific reasoning was the withdraw of green chlorophyll does nothing to reduce the magic. Autumn is the culmination of a year of birth and growth, and it’s as if God wants to paint a final masterful tapestry before settling in for the long, cold winter.

We meandered through Lincoln Park on this sunny day, chasing the occasional squirrel, soaking up the admiration of passers by, and dodging the numerous engaged couples seeking portrait shots. It wasn’t quite Saturday in the Park, but it was definitely alive.

After a long stroll through the park, we decided to head to Grant Park and walk towards the Bean. Grant Park was decidedly less busy, and signs of winter were apparent. The fountains had been drained and pipes protected. Chairs and vendors were closed.

We finally made it to the Millennium Park natural garden, mesmerized by the masterful canvas in front of us. The small plot is framed perfectly by tall skyscrapers and fenced in by red maples.

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