Secret Pool in Shenandoah

2012 08 25 shenandoah national park hidden waterfall

I spent the weekend trekking through Shenandoah National Park with my good friend and fellow nature lover. Shenandoah is a magical place, but it’s secrets lie hidden from the majority of people that just travel the Skyline Drive. You’ll find amazing hidden places just a few miles off the road.

We trekked for nearly 7 hours in Shenandoah National Park on a Friday, including a climb of steep climb of nearly 2,200 feet at the end of the day. A torrential rain hit us midway through the climb, and by the end of the trail we were exhausted, nearly out of water, and getting close to dusk.

We faced the choice of heading back to our car or going on to this hidden valley we had heard about. We decided to take the chance and made the 3 miles quickly, followed by a steep decline of a couple hundred feet in .2 miles. At the bottom of the canyon was a series of waterfalls, streams, and this tranquil pool (and source of water).

We set camp here and spent the following day exploring all the various caves and waterfalls. Waking up to the sound of running water and waterfalls is definitely a great way to camp.

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