Blue House on Rock Island

2012 07 05 sunset rock island

Rock Island State Park is at the northernmost tip of Door County, Wisconsin. Door County was named in fact for these parts, the islands in this area formed a “Death’s Door” for local sailing ships. Many of their remains are scattered on the bottom of the cold waters.

Rock Island is one of my favorite destinations. It’s difficult to reach. You must travel to the tip of Door County, take a car ferry to Washington Island, and take yet another small passenger ferry to Rock Island. Beyond that, you must ruck your gear at least 1/2 mile to campsites.  This makes it beyond the range of most new campers, so the island typically has no more than 30 guests at any time.

The other reason I’m in love with this small isle is the beauty. This picture is recreated nearly every day of Summer. The sunsets last for an eternity, followed by a starry sky unblemished from any nearby light pollution. This is one of the darkest areas you can find.

This photograph was taken from the harbor dock 1/2 hour after sunset. The tradition is for all campers and boaters to gather at this point for sunset each night, then work your way back to your respective camp sites.

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