Napoli Panorama

Panorama of Naples, Italy
Taken from the balcony of a 500 year old monastery overlooking Napoli in the foreground, this picture captures thousands of years of history in one 270 degree view.

In the foreground sits the ancient town of Napoli. The capital of Campania, Napoli means “new city” but is ironically one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world being founded over 4,000 years ago. Napoli served as the key city in the integration of Greek culture and mythology into the early Roman empire, even maintaining many of it’s Greek customs after being integrated into the Roman empire. After a period of being overtaken by various invaders, Naples again regained prominence as the capital of the Kingdom of Naples.

In the distance to the far right is the Isle of Capri, playground of many Roman emperors and where a mad Tiberius would cast slaves off the cliff to their death in the waters below. Moving to the left is the Amalfi coast, now the location of numerous resorts and spas. Between the Amalfi coast and the mountain are the (non visible) towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum. Both are the best preserved records of Roman towns. The mountain dominating the picture 9 km in the distance is the famed Mt. Vesuvius, which blanketed the area with ash famously in 79 AD, but has erupted as recently as 1944. On the northern slopes of Vesuvius (to the left) is the town of of Nola, Italy, otherwise remembered as the place of Caesar Augustus’ death.

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