Mt. Vesuvius at Dawn

Naples is a filthy, crime-ridden town. We were nearly mugged twice and ate dinner in a restaurant run by the mafia. Gun wielding couriers came in on motorbikes and dropped bundles of cash while we feasted on a delicious meal of octupus.

We woke around 4:00 AM this morning to make the flight back to the United States from Naples and was treated to early morning surprise on the balcony. We stayed at the Hotel San Francesco Al Monte, a 500 year old monastery overlooking the Riviera di Chiaia, Naples, and Mt. Vesuvius in the distance, looming as it had since ancient Roman times.

This area is rich with history dating back thousands of years. To the right of this view are Pompeii and Hercalaneum. To the far right (off the image) is the Isle of Capri, the ancient home to Roman Emperors (including a sadistic Tiberius who cast slaves to their deaths off its cliffs). To the left of Vesuvius on it’s slopes is Nola, the location of Caesar Augustus villa and where he died, allegedly from the poisoned olives picked by his wife.


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