Il Duomo, Florence

Il Duomo florence

Florence was the birthplace of the Renaissance and saw a concentration of master artists and thinkers all competing to create masterpieces. The Statue of David. Santa Maria del Fiore and all her wonders. Ghiberti’s Gates of Paradise.

Filloppo Brunelleschi discovered the use of perspective in drawings, marking a transformation in drawings and paintings. Yet, more people remember him for his ingenuous architectural solution to the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore. Built with compression and without the use of buttressing (forbidden in Florence), his dome is larger than even the Pantheon in Rome.

In the distant hills is the ancient Etruscan village of Fiesole. Originally a quarry, the town was frequently at war with Florence until it was eventually conquered. It later became the location of country villas for the leading members of Florence including the Medici’s. The right-most peak in the distance is the location the Leonardo di Vinci first tested his flight apparatus around 1504.


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